Soldiers, the people who protect our freedom, are in the news…..

Soldiers, the people who protect our freedom, are in the news with often not so good consequences. We might hear of their deaths or that another deployment is underway or even some good story coming from the front about our men and women helping the country in which they’re fighting.

Whether we believe in war or not, most approve of the reasoning behind war, that is, to keep that freedom we’ve come to take for granted.

Warriors know what’s expected of them when they join any type service. Some do it for the excitement while others have sincere emotional attachment to one branch of service and what it stands for with idealistic ideas of helping all involved. For whatever reason, I applaud our armed forces for what they’re doing and have done but I wish there were no wars. (sidetracked here…..I really wish there were no wars but greed and religion attracts conflict)

And it’s really not that or our military that I want to bring to thought today. It’s their spouses and children, all their family. Because for whatever reason a combatant joins the forces, their family is left behind to keep the home fires burning and we generally don’t think of their sacrifice.

Imagine for a moment that you’re a mother with, say, two children. Now think of the impact upon that mother when her children are crying out for the father who’s gone to serve elsewhere. Though she’s upset and worried for the husband she loves, she has to be silent and put on a strong front in order to aid her children in accepting that their father is gone for however long. This isn’t something I’d like to do day-by-day. So, I’d like to show them appreciation for their service to our country as well.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s give a shout out to those people who protect us at home as well, the service people, police officers and fireman who are so taken for granted and the people who wait patiently for them at home.

Freedom and safety give us the ability to take our lives for granted.

Happy New Year,

Da Juana

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