Someone asked where I got my psychic and medium gifts.

Someone asked where I got my psychic and medium gifts. Of course the answer is from All That Is sometimes called God, Allah, Buddha and some other equally impressive names.

This person also wanted to know how long I’d possessed these talents to which I answered, “Since before I was born.”

Now I know that’s hard to believe for some but the truth is you prepare on the other side for your return to earth. Some of us never forget. Others do by about the age of six.

The first person I remember recognizing on this side of life was a ghost, one I’d worked with for eons. He was my friend and my confidant even above my mother and father. He was the one I always went to for any issue and was regarded by others as having the personality of an adult even as a small child.

My mother related to me that when I had polio and the doctors were contemplating whether to place me in an iron lung, which was driving her crazy, that I as a very small child kept telling her that it would be okay. She said I patted her hand just as an adult would and told her that God (Jesus) had told me that I’d be fine without any ill effects and that’s how it turned out.

Everyone has this ability but not everyone chooses to use their God-given talents. At any point in life you can decide to utilize your gifts and learn to use them. It’s that simple.

Da Juana

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