Sometimes in my psychic and medium world

Sometimes in my psychic and medium world, I get into a funk because of events happening on earth. Add to that family and friends’ lives and I can be a total scattered mess at times. Thankfully these times don’t last long.

Right now with Japan (and I keep thinking China…every time I mention Japan, it comes out China so I hope their country is safe) having horrible catastrophic happenings, this scattered mess seems to be sticking with me.

As I mentioned there are also some family and friend issues that have me taking deep breaths without coming up for air, if you know what I mean. But all will be well there too and my cloudy disposition will change back into my normal sunny one.

About a week or two before worldly calamitous occasions, I start to become the scattered mess. That happened right before Japan’s first earthquake and hasn’t stopped yet. So, I have concerns. Add to that the Middle East and I am bouncing off walls right now. Not saying that a psychic is flighty but I seem to be getting bruised.

It’s so bad that, after our workout, a friend of mine called me this morning and told me that she’s becoming concerned. She’s not used to seeing me in this type mood. Generally, I’m happy-go-lucky and it’s still there but the scattered part is keeping it down a bit. In between my weight lifting with her, (she’s my trainer) I’m generally moving my whole body to the music. Well, if you’re in a gym, you shouldn’t be standing still.

At any rate, I had to explain that this happens occasionally. It just comes with the territory. But, I’ll be glad when it calms down again.

Da Juana

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