Sometimes life is so beautiful

Sometimes life is so beautiful that it almost takes your breath away. When I see something as I did this morning I know there’s a divine design.

At dawn, while backing out of my drive, I noticed that the red oak trees that had beautiful crimson leaves adorning them the night before had lost their leaves due to a nice wind. It looked as if the trees were snowing as the wind gusts picked up red flakes and deposited them elsewhere. I had to sit in my car in watchful wonder for a few minutes.

The miracle of watching cherry colored leaves gusting around the yard put me in thought of my favorite photo, a miraculous picture by Peter Lik, called The Tree of Life. If you haven’t seen it, look it up on the web. And after you gasp with amazement when seeing this tree, take an even better look at the rock (bear) beside the tree.

When I first saw this art in one of his galleries, I almost went to my knees with its sheer beauty and the spirituality I saw and felt. It evoked an emotion in me I’ve rarely felt. This man is part of God’s grand design. His sight (physical and spiritual) through the lens of his camera is nothing short of a miracle.

Then the prayers started as they always do when I see the hand of God. Our world is truly gorgeous. Take a look around.

Da Juana

P. S. If you want to see if your life is going to show you such beauty each day read your