Space Invaders-Fact or Fiction

Everyone has heard of people from other planets. Whether we believe in them or not is subjective. Knowing whether they are coming to the earth for some ulterior motive has not been proven but there are space invaders among us and we see them each day, sometimes without ever knowing it.

Each of us has our own personal space surrounding us on all sides by about two feet. When another person steps within that space uninvited, they are truly space invaders.

Think about how you feel when someone other than a loved one marches into that two-foot space right into your face. Fight or flight takes over with overwhelming urgency. Either you take a step back or you push the aggressor away from you. Either way, you have physically reacted to an aggressive personality entering your own personal space. At this point in time, you have been aggressive yourself if only in the passive manner of stepping back and away from the invader.

Many things can make an innocent person become an aggressive space invader. Excitement, love, fear, emotional outburst, hearing and need can all lead to the inadvertent ignoring of someone else’s space, putting the invader at risk both emotionally and physically.

Some years ago, a person I knew was continually putting herself into my space. When I sat down, this woman would come over and sit as near to me as possible without our becoming one. If I moved away, she crept closer quickly. The emotional need was so great that it was hard for me to be close to her. Without thought, she continued to seek my space.

Finally one day, we had gone to lunch with two other psychics, one of whom has been a good friend to me for years. I pulled my chair almost into my psychic friend’s space but stopped short of doing so. It was quite obvious to anyone watching that I didn’t want to be as close to the space invader as she wanted me to be. My friend sat back smiling because she knew what was going on but I didn’t find it funny at all.

After realizing that I had moved my chair away from the space invading person, she looked at me and with all sincerity, put her hand on top of mine and said, “Why don’t you like me as much as you do her?”

I have always tried to see the other person’s point of view but at this moment I had become selfish. Not only that but she asked an honest person a question and I always give honest answers.

Chancing a glance at my friend, I looked back at the marauding invader and stated unequivocally that my friend had been my friend for many years and she did not invade my space without asking first. Besides, I said, “I love her,” and I did and do.

The person who was invading my space was selfish. She thought only of herself and what she wanted and proved after a time how selfish and jealous she could be. The impression that I had when she continued to invade my space was that she was not one to be trusted and that turned out to be correct.

Your personal space is your first line of defense. When you meet someone, you know immediately whether you like or dislike the characteristics this person displays. Usually that first impression is intuitive and accurate. Noticing that feel on a psychic level can keep you from harm.

Coming to terms with your psychic self on your personal space side is the first important part of examining the rest of your psychic ability. Empathy is a part of your psychic development and comes from noticing the feelings felt within your personal space.

Personal space comes from your spirit or aura. Using your spirit to your benefit is part of psychic evolvement because then you realize that you have an aura and know how to utilize the psychic part of it.

When you are in love, you don’t even notice when your lover encroaches upon your personal space because it feels so natural that it causes a sort of euphoria when the two of you come together. The sight of your lover can make your heart rate increase and create intense reactions in all of your sensory perception. This too is done on a higher level of the aura and can be one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can have.

Anger is another reason for space invasion and can cause almost the same response but one that is associated with fear. Although the feeling can be stimulating, it is not a feeling that most people want to experience often. Fight or flight truly comes into the picture and makes the person being invaded much aware of all their senses. Heightened awareness is evident and is useful because it can help the physical body escape harm.

Sympathy is one of the sincerest forms of space invasion. The sympathizer enters your space because they want to give of themselves. All they want is to make you feel better. Holding you and trying to help, they will generally let you cry or talk until you are better. More sympathetic space invaders are needed in our world.

Fear can make a person grab another without thought as to how the person they have grabbed might feel Selfishness motivates this person. Emotional or physical help for themselves is all they want. They want company in their world. Like a drowning person, they hold on causing dreaded circumstances for both people. One of the first safety techniques lifeguards learn is to stay away from the drowning person because they will take the lifeguard down with them. Then both have perished. Get away from a fearful invader. Assess the situation and then act upon it. In that way both will not perish but you might have the opportunity to save the invader as well as yourself.

People who are hard of hearing sometimes become space invaders because they need to be close to hear what you are saying. Although they mean well, they can come across as insensitive. It might be to their advantage if the person whose space is being invaded asked about their hearing and then mentioned that they might need to see a hearing specialist if one is needed.

Excitement is another reason for being a space invader and if both people are excited about the same event, then this is generally perfectly all right. Keeping it on a comfortable level is extremely important though.

Space invaders are everywhere you look. So a word to the wise, carefully enter a room. Know who is there and find a way to get out gracefully if the going gets rough. When someone asks you if space invaders are fact or fiction, you can now answer with confidence that they are a fact.

Da Juana