Special birthdays.

Claude, my husband, told me just about a month ago that he was tired of my not celebrating my birthday. By that he meant that I generally just acknowledge it and go on my way as if it were any other day. His Cancer sun sign can’t allow that in his wife. My husband is a romantic and that is one of the qualities I so love about him because I’m really not.


I love celebrating other people’s birthdays as you have seen here. Another October birthday is Debra’s and I want to wish her a belated happy birthday now. Birthday’s mean a lot to me though I don’t generally celebrate mine.


Because of Claude I am acknowledging that today at 9:15 PM is my birthday. So in accordance with his wishes, Happy Birthday to me! We are going to go to my favorite restaurant (a New Orleans style fish house), have lunch and then back to work for me. Is that enough celebrating. After all, my family and friends have sent cards and phoned already this morning and I have good thoughts to tide me for the rest of the day.


Oh! I would like to wish everyone else that was born in this month or any other a very special happy birthday too!


Da Juana