Spiritual living…….

When I think I’m above it all, generally I get a rude awakening.  That’s why I have mentioned before that I get upset with being human.  It may be because I’m so close to people and animals on the other side but I’m close to the physical ones too.  With one foot in the physical and one foot in the other side, life can have its moments. 

Even I get frustrated with the human condition.  On one hand I can understand why people war but on the other, more spiritual side, I have a real problem with it.  Before you say it’s a matter of control on my part, I’m mentioning that I really don’t think it is.  Like people on the other side, I watch the behavior of those hurting one another here and can see the overall picture, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  Even people on the other side hurt over what we do here.  They just don’t show it in the same way.  It’s more of a wait and see mode and looking at us earthly survivors with a sense that maybe someday we will learn. 

A saint, I’m not.  There are times that I become completely human.  When someone hurts someone I love, the momma part of me comes out.  I know that’s human.  Afterwards I have to think about what that must look like to people on the other side.  But that didn’t keep me from being totally human for an instant. 

So you see, being a psychic/medium can have its ups-and-downs in more than one way.  For me, it really does mean watching your behavior and trying to be more Christ like, not just your run-of-the-mill Christian.  And it makes me know that all religions, no matter which one, have merit but religion isn’t spirituality.  My integrity can make me be a little harsh on others and myself while the spiritual part of me tries to understand.  (Bet a psychiatrist would have a field day with this one.)  But each of us has a common thread and that is God.  We were born with the ability to know right from wrong.  As we aged, we learned how far to push it.  When the Bible says that babies are born sinful, I don’t agree.  Though I don’t believe in sin, only choices, I know that babies grow up to learn certain traits such as greed, envy, lust and what’s those other deadly sins?  We make choices.  And the quicker we understand that we are masters of our own fate, the quicker we become more spiritual beings.

Well enough of my ramblings.
Da Juana