Spiritual reasons for being alive….

Everyone has some spiritual reason for being alive.  No one’s life was by chance.  On the other side, you made the decision to return to earth and carry out some kind of spiritual task.  Do you know what yours is?More...

I do.  My task was to promote the psychic in everyone.  I came here to be a teacher who helps others learn that each of us is born with a strong psychic sense and that they can use it just as I do.  From the moment I came, I knew I had to teach. 
Others aren’t so fortunate.  Take my husband, Claude.  He says he doesn’t know why he was born or for that matter why he’s still here after the stroke.  I know.  Each of us really does know deep down. 
It might be to help someone else or to help ourselves but on a very deep, divine level, you know.  And knowing doesn’t always mean that it’s some sort of work either.  Some people come here for the sole purpose of getting ill or dying just so everyone around them can learn from the experience.  That’s why some children are born only to leave the world soon after.  Anyone associated with the event is touched in some manner and they go through the spiritual spectrum of emotions just so they can learn. 
I know this sounds harsh but you can’t blame it on God.  God didn’t do it.  He or She gave you freedom of choice.  Choices are made on the other side.  Then choices are made on this side too.  There is no real predestined occurrence.  Freedom of choice negates predestined events but determined choices always give you some kind of out. 
For instance, a young child becomes ill.  There are a myriad of choices here.  You can take the baby to a hospital or do nothing and wait for it to get well even if it’s critical at the time.  You even have choices in what type treatment to give this child from holistic to conventional medical therapy.  This same child, may as an adult on the other side, decide that he will return to parents of his choice with a disease that’s not currently curable with conventional medicine.  The whole family now has choices to make in whether they want to continue on trying or whether they will let the child go with dignity.  Choices abound.  The choices made are what create our realities.
Make your choices wisely but always remember you can change them at any time.
Da Juana