Starting new projects is some of the most exciting events in life. Trepidation, excitement and enjoyment are all part of the experience. Being able to see what you are about to create and then watching as it happens is a glorious feeling. But first you need to make sure that what you are creating is good for you and for the others involved. Once you make up your mind to that, the sky is the limit.

Each day of my life is one I meet with new creations in mind. That makes for some good times and bad but the planning is what makes me tick. Even when I read for others in their differing careers, I am able to help by telling them something that will make their lives easier, more fulfilling and even can bring them more money. I look back to the day that I told a man that he worked with insects and that he needed yellow smoke because of it. Then I proceeded to tell him that there were insects inside of his insects which he confirmed and told me the yellow smoke was sulfur smoke and was used to kill the insects inside his bees. I didn’t know that.

So you see, with each new creation and each new sight of creation, we learn too. And that is what I am here to do.

Da Juana