Stem Cells

The other night I saw a rat that had been paralyzed in it’s rear legs walk again. It was all due to stem cell research. Immediately I thought of Christopher Reeve and how he fought for this. Ronald Regan could have been helped with this. And myriads of other people suffering from cancer, diabetes, and all manner of body complications.

When I saw this wonderful phenomenon, I thought how God gave us the capacity to help ourselves. God gave us the intelligence to make life-altering discoveries. If He/She hadn’t wanted us to find new ways of helping ourselves, He/She wouldn’t have given us our magnificent brains, of which we only use about 10%. But we, in our infinite wisdom, don’t always see things that way. We are usually too busy trying to make sure that everyone else does what we think God wants.

What God may want for one is believed by some to be something meant for others as well. But didn’t God tell us that society as a whole had to help itself? And that the laws for society superceded individual rights. My question is who makes the laws now? Does society or a select few? Are we willing to allow that select few to tell us what we as a whole needs to do to help ourselves? That’s why only a very few people go to vote. Am I trying to make you feel guilty? No, but I am trying to impress upon you your rights. When we sit back and say that someone should allow science to research stem cells and we don’t go to vote then we have no right to complain. But off that soapbox.

For me as a psychic, I know that spirit doesn’t always take the body at conception. Not only has this been told to me by ghosts but I have also seen those under hypnosis, who went back to the time they were conceived, tell me that they didn’t take the baby’s body until later in the pregnancy or after the birth.

I thank God for my questioning mind. And I think that if a baby dies because of abortion or if they are going to be thrown away by a fertility clinic, then why can’t those lives mean something. It is just like giving your body to science or donating organs after your death. Both are giving to perpetuate life. In my mind, I think God wants us to help others too. So I am for stem cell research. Maybe one day my husband can become his old, I mean new, self again with his sight back and the brain repaired. For that, I would gladly thank the soul that gave us that.

Da Juana