Stern voice of a man…

Last night, I was awakened to the stern voice of a man who told me to wake up now!  Let me tell you, that was a rude awakening and it wasn’t a dream.  Waking like that puts you in the flight or fight mode.  And at three forty seven in the morning, that can be quite disconcerting, especially after hearing Connie call my name, either the day or a couple of days before, when she was nowhere to be seen.More...

Instantly up under those circumstances, I checked Claude and Madeline to see if there was a problem but saw none. 

I looked around the room and waited for the voice to say more, which he didn’t.  Since I’m a medium I do that but there was only silence.  The more I think about it and at the time, I realize that I know the voice but can’t place it yet.  That makes it even more memorable and bothersome.  One of life’s puzzles right at the tip of your tongue and you can’t quite get it, serves to make for a confusing time. 

Finally settling down, I went back to sleep but you know it was uneasy until I at last got up early, put coffee on and starting working on my computer.  I haven’t even taken the time to check my Gong Hee Fot Choy yet. 

The coffee was good but it didn’t stop my mind from working and I know that this day will have the undercurrent of, who was that man anyway?

If you’ve got any ideas, I’d love the help.

Da Juana