Steve Harvey is one of my favorite television personalities ….

Steve Harvey is one of my favorite television personalities for many reasons but mostly because when I look at him, I see my dead brother. His mannerisms, smile, values, personality and actions make me feel as if I have my brother with me for just a little while longer. Even their appearance is similar except my brother was white skinned where as Steve has lovely black skin. But underneath, you know they’re alike and I love watching him.

Think about all the Mary’s you know. Now contemplate their actions and personality. Need I say more but let’s go further, think of another common name and see the similarities between those people. Now you’re getting the picture.

Names are chosen before birth by the child to fulfill spiritual needs while they live on earth. Because each letter in the name has meaning when you find a name that is the same it impacts people in much the same manner. So you can see how they act alike.

Names are only part of the equation though they make a huge impact on our lives.

By the way, Steve Harvey and my brother have the same name.

Da Juana

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