Stuck in a rut!

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, especially when you get used to your surroundings and your everyday lifestyle.  It’s just easier to sit inside or out, whichever you like, and let the world pass you by…….. or so it seems at the time.

From my psychic perspective, that’s not what you came to this life to do.  You’re supposed to shake your life up a little to gain knowledge through new experiences.  That can’t be done if you’re sitting at home alone.  Well, there is one life experience you’ll learn from doing that and it is how to be in a rut and stay in a rut without hope.  That life’s lesson can be a difficult one to overcome and learn from because when you get to re-live that situation in your next life, it’s hard to break the habit.

Claude has gotten into a rut because his world has become smaller after the stroke and problems with his eyesight.  It’s hard to get him out and about because he feels safer at home.  Living with me isn’t that easy though, because I keep pushing even though I’m really not a pushy person.  Sometimes, because of his condition, I now find myself living in that rut.  It’s easier to stay at home than it is to go through the hassle of trying to get him to want to go out.  He generally sits in the car when we do go out while I go do what I need to do. 

There are times I revolt though and let him know I’m going to do something different, like going to a baseball game of a dear friend’s tonight.  Claude’s had a hard day and wants to stay home but I don’t think he wants to enough to be here without me.  So……we’re going to the old ball game.

Now, there’s and experience. 

Da Juana