The other side gave me a message the other day in a loud and clear manner which was, “Desperation breeds success.”  The man yelling at me wasn’t someone I think I know but there he was talking to me in not so gentle a way with love.  And I could tell it was with love.  Guess he had to get my attention.  Boy, did he!More...

You know Claude’s had the problems.  That and some other items had me at my wits end.  Then the voice sounded like Moses parting the Red Sea.  It even took me a while to get the last word.  Actually Claude had to give it to me because the man didn’t repeat his message but I knew what the word felt like and finally Claude said it.  Boy was I glad because I might still be here with my hand out turning as if to say come on until I heard the correct word.

Right after hearing that, we learned from a friend that a doctor close to us does intravenous chelation therapy.  Claude had his first one yesterday.  Guess what?  I think we can see a difference already.  Will keep you informed.  (One friend of a friend got his sight back in the eye that was blinded by a stroke after using this.)

Pray for him.


Da Juana