Today Claude had surgery on his arm because of a cancerous growth.  Of course he didn’t look forward to going in to have the growth removed.  No one in their right mind would look forward to that.  He also found out that he had another squamous cell carcinoma on his hand.  His wife, the psychic, told him that, to which he informed me he didn’t, but his doctor confirmed his wife’s prognosis.  So he had it removed too so that they could biopsy.More...

While there we discussed other items with our doctor.  He’s a very nice looking, neat man with graying hair and a gentle voice.  Today he was a little more animated.  I asked him about his accent by asking which country he came from originally.  He told me that he was from Syria but had been in the US so long this was his country.  Maybe he felt he needed to end with that. 

We got on the subject of religion.  All of us expressed our desire that everyone the world over would learn to love each other and refrain from believing that God was on one particular religion’s side.  He told me that he thinks there are religious zealots who don’t care what their religion holds true.  His example was that the Koran states that you shouldn’t even cut down a tree if you’re Muslim.  I hadn’t heard of that before but of course I don’t know much about the Koran.  It was something new to me. 

After a few moments of us trying to repair relationships everywhere, I mentioned that some people use religion to get what they want instead of adding to spirituality.  In their zeal for power, greed influences their religious beliefs.  To my mind God can be called anything as long as you believe that there is a binding influence upon our world and all worlds beyond.  In other words, God is All That Is.

Claude is now recuperating and yakking on the phone since we settled how the world can really benefit from our insights.  

Da Juana