survey result

Do you believe in past lives?
Yes 87.24 %
No 12.76 %
Do you feel as if you’ve lived before this life?
Yes 77.04 %
No 22.96 %
Do you ever feel as if you’ve lived someplace you’re seeing for the first time or only read about before?
Yes 63.78 %
No 36.22 %
Do you hate a certain food without ever having tasted it?
No 41.33 %
Yes 58.67 %
Do you feel extreme anger, happiness, or any reaction you’d not generally fee towards someone you’ve recently met without having a reason?
Yes 72.96 %
No 27.04 %
Does thinking about another part of the world make you feel either love or hate without you’re realizing why?
No 36.73 %
Yes 63.27 %
Do you feel that you’re the parent of your mother, father, sister, brother or someone else close although you’re not?
Yes 47.96 %
No 52.04 %
Do you have dreams about another time or place?
Yes 68.88 %
No 31.12 %
Are there certain events that have frightened you since birth or things you’ve done before without incidence but now create fear?
No 34.69 %
Yes 65.31 %
Have you got any scars, birthmarks, etc. that you’ve had since birth?
Yes 64.29 %
No 35.71 %
Do you have a craving for a food from another culture you’ve never tasted before without ever having tasted it in this life?
No 69.9 %
Yes 30.1 %
Does the thought of visiting a certain location you’ve never been send fright through your whole being?
No 60.2 %
Yes 39.8 %
Do you have overwhelming desires to help another culture or race?
Yes 54.59 %
No 45.41 %
Do you prefer a race other than yours for dating or marrying because you feel at home with them more so than your own race?
No 64.8 %
Yes 35.2 %
Do you remember languages you’ve not learned in this life but can understand or recite certain words anyway?
No 72.96 %
Yes 27.04 %
Do you have abnormal fears of animals, insects or people?
No 58.16 %
Yes 41.84 %