Susan watched Joy Behar on The View….

Susan watched Joy Behar on “The View” and wanted clarifications of my beliefs on a point that Joy made today.  Let me mention that I like Joy Behar but she doesn’t like psychics, makes no bones about it and would lump me into that mix even though we’ve never met.  Considering that she thinks she’s someone with an open, always learning mind, I think she’s made a mistake here and not just because I’m psychic.  What if someone said in a blanket statement that all comics were horrible without knowing Joy?  Once they got to know her, then they might have to amend the statement as I hope Joy does one day.More...
But I digress, back to Susan.  Her email to me is below.   
“Da Juana,
I watch “The View” from time to time and today, Joy, the redhead, indicated to all of national TV that most of the stories in the Bible  are not true, but made up.  She is very liberial, and I can appreciate her point of view of most things, but this is just wrong to me.  Noah and the Ark for example is in her mind is just a made up story.  I know you have seen and talked to Jesus, I believe all of the Bible is true, what are your thoughts on this? 
I just had to write you immediately, as I was totally offended by her comments., and wanted to get your opinion, you have so much knowledge and insight to the past, present and future. I was raised Southern Baptist, my Dad also a preacher.  I love God so much, its just offensive to me that people would indicate they His word is not true. 
Let me answer you this way, Susan, and it won’t take in all my beliefs but here goes.  Remember when you were a child and played the game of gossip?  You might have six or seven other kids playing with you.  One child said a phrase to the next child, they repeated it to the next until it came back to you and it was never what you said in the first place but you got a big kick out of it though.
If you go back to the First Counsil of Nicea in 325AD, you will find that Constantine, great man that he was and very intelligent too, decided to make Christianity the number one religion and combine church and state.  This is simplistic in telling you this but I want you to research it for yourself.  Anyway, he told his priest to decide what was going into the Bible and that Bible is partially what you see today.  Oh and by the way, the original Hebrew was a language that was very hard to translate.  Greek was the closest language to the original so they tried to translate there.  Did you know that the “AH” at the end of Noah’s name was generally feminine, I think I read somewhere.  Just another little bit of trivia. 
Also, knowing what I know about listening to the other side, I don’t always get my verbiage right and sometimes have to listen better but the Bible has been translated again and again by man.  The divine word was given to man in the form of differing books of the Bible and that is what we have today.
And did you know that there is a story similar to Noah and the Ark told by Native Americans?
Humans had to be able to remember history and to create a social and medicinal order by handing down stories.  For instance, pigs were unclean.  Eating pigs that weren’t cooked properly could give you trichinosis.  Therefore all pigs were deemed unclean so that they wouldn’t be eaten.  
Also, did you know that there was a man who didn’t want to translate the Bible because he said that he would be putting his own spin on what he considered divine.  His king gave him the order to translate or die.  Wish I could remember who that was.  Guess what he translated.
Hope this has answered your questions.  I think that the Bible is based upon some truths but when man comes into the mix, you can have items change just like in your game of gossip.  I also believe that God gives you the ability to know those truths on a soul level without your needing others to tell you.  I think also that man needed to be able to keep others in line so man used a fearsome God to do so.  Dying is worse when you know that you’re going to burn forever in a hurtful hell.  And that will make you less quick to do sinful things.  There is so much more I know from dying and coming back and my ever learning life’s journey but it’s too much to put here. 
You have to believe what you need at this time but for you to have asked the question, you are already on your spiritual journey.  Do the research.  Find out for yourself.
Hope this helped instead of confused you further.
Here’s to always learning because that is the soul’s journey.
Da Juana