Talking to the other side.

Well, it seems to be my time for it, here’s another email I want to answer.

“I just want to know if there is anyway I can communicate with my mother now that she is gone without interfering with her being at peace.  I know there was something or rather say some things that she left unfinished or wanted to see happen before her death.  Like seeing the family unite together without fighting, or even letting each other know what her desires were for each and every one of us in case she passed, letting each one of us know how and what she felt for each one of us.  I really believe she passed wanting to have someone there at time of death to let them know what to do in case she died.  I have a feeling that there is something she wanted to say or clear or telling a truth that we should all know.  I am dwelling on this because I knew her enough to feel what I am feeling, like I am supposed to pick up where she left off and I don’t know how to do it or what to do and it is affecting me.  Can you please help me?


Elizabeth the way to communicate with your mother is very simple.  Talk with her just as you would when she was what you consider alive.  And if you want answers without having to come to someone like me here is another way to get a two-way conversation.  Ask your mother to come to you in a dream and tell you what she wants you to know.  Generally, people who have gone over to the other side return in loved ones dreams.  There you can get all the answers you want.  But remember to tell yourself to wake up immediately after the dream, which may not be a dream at all, so that you can recall the dream entirely.

Da Juana Byrd