One of my least favorite things to do is to get my taxes ready.  But do them we must.  So this special day was set aside just for that very reason. More... 

Thinking back now, I ought to be glad to be able to do my taxes.  After all it helps our country, maybe the politicians more, but really it does help our country.  Freedom is not only paid for by our veterans but by us everyday Americans through those taxes.  In choosing to pay our taxes, although it’s really not a choice, we can keep this beautiful country together and have most of our Constitution obeyed.  So many items in it have been amended, most for the better, but some……welllllllllll…..

But back to why I should be glad to do my taxes.  Like credit being extended to you, it means that you’re worth the effort the credit card company expends because they have faith in you to pay them back.  When we pay our taxes, we have faith that our country will keep us free and remain a wonderful place to live.  But I can’t help griping about it sometimes.  I try to be positive always but maybe not as positive as Connie.  She’s overwhelmingly positive. 

Anyway, thank goodness it’s almost done.  Whew!!!!

Da Juana