Taxes, along with birth and dying are something everyone living in the United States has to do.  I don’t know about the rest of the world’s having to pay taxes but here, we do.  Ah the fun of it.More... 

For a deduction, I’ve had to go back through all sorts of boxes to find a few years so that we could get the Federal Excise Tax on long distance deduction.  Me and dust mites, that’s a picture.  The little buggers love me.  So, this won’t take long because I want a shower as soon as possible.  Does anyone else have this thing with dust mites?  I’m itching all over. 

Not to mention that I got some very good exercise today.  Claude even told me how strong I am for someone who doesn’t exercise every day.  Wonder if he knows, I’m having a woman moment here, bear with me, that my time goes to other minor things, like taking care of him, our baby puppies, the house, my job and I know I left something out but the dust mites are really getting to me.

Oh, and another thing, I got our taxes complete now and faxed the rest of what I’d forgotten to our accountant.  Whew!  Now for a rest after I go take a shower and make dinner.  I know.  I’ll do pushups in the shower and call Claude in so that he’ll see me exercising.

Happy Good Friday,

Da Juana