Tell me dogs don’t notice ghosts

Tell me dogs don’t notice ghosts and I’ll tell you that just isn’t so. Oh, and while we’re at it, there are also canine ghosts in heaven as well.

The other day my little girl, Gabrielle, stood staring at the bedroom wall. That would have been fine if there had been some physical object there for which she should stare and I guess there was a metaphysical one. A man peered down at her from the vacant wall beside my chest of drawers. And she was mesmerized.

To make the scene more chaotic, she commenced to bark at the intruder.

Madeline noticed her and walked out of the bedroom as if to say, “Oh, I’ve seen him before and he isn’t a threat.”

After a few soothing words from mother that went something like this, “Gabrielle, you can stop now….it’s only a ghost,” she stopped.

On the other subject of dogs being in heaven, it infuriates me that some so-called intelligent people believe that dogs cease to exist after death which couldn’t be further from the truth. They, like us, are spirits in physical form and continue to survive the rigors of death to continue living on the other side. I know because I see them just as Gabrielle saw the man in the wall.

So, for those of you who’ve lost a canine or any other pet loved one, rest assured that you’ll see them on the other side and maybe even catch a glimpse of them before you leave this world.

Da Juana

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