You know how I am about trying to answer some of my email. I thought this might be a good one to answer here. So please bear with me while I answer this young man and say prayers as well.
His question is:  “First off, Hi! How are you? I’m doing alright. The reason I’m emailing you is because for 2 years now (I’m 16, turning 17 October) I’ve been *really* thinking about life, and death, heaven, and hell. I’ve started really thinking about the chance that when people die..that they don’t go onto an afterlife..and just die, with their minds shutting off. Considering what I read on this site..It seems like you have personal proof of an afterlife,…and I don’t know exactly what I’m asking in this..but basically, I really want to know if their is an afterlife..because I panic when I think about it and get a really cold upset feeling in my chest, for a couple months I could barely do anything because I was thinking about it so much. Lately I’ve been a lot better! Actually for over a year I’ve been a lot better, but I’ve been still thinking about it, and getting those “panicking” things. So, is there really an afterlife? ..I mean, heaven, hell? What? I don’t know what to believe in anymore…”
OK, so many questions, so little time. Yes, I died in 1980 on an operating table, was gone for 15 minutes or so the doctor told me and returned to tell you about it. As a matter of fact, this is all in my book, “Ghosts Talk.” But back to the answer you want about heaven or hell or just ceasing to exist. And the answer is: you continue to exist or at least your spirit does. The body dies away just as old clothing gets worn out but the spirit that resides inside always lives. And life on the other side is what you make of it. Here I go again.  A few dead people told me to write something, which I did, and called it “Voices,” which you can read on my web site. They let you know how they live on the other side. All I did was listen and write.
So, I hope this helps you. And I hope you know one more thing too. That is life is only lived in order to gain more spiritual knowledge. You can only do that by living life fully and allowing the good and the bad to happen with the knowledge that you are learning and trying to live as well as you can. Society is a part of that knowledge in that you have to learn to live with others too. So live the best life you can and revel in all its mysteries.
Da Juana