Texas temperature

Here in Texas, the temperature is reaching one hundred four degrees with a low in the morning of about eighty-three.  Thankfully it’s a dry heat.More...

Since I was a child I’ve always loved the sun and heat but I’ve never loved humidity along with it.  Now the beachfront is a different subject.  I can stand humid wind coming in off the waves while listening to those waves hit the shore.  Ah, music to my ears and senses.

Many times I’ve thought of moving to Arizona or New Mexico just to be in the dry heat.  I don’t like the scorpions though; think God would have done better not making those little insects.  Even the dessert is beautiful to me but the lush Louisiana trees are pretty too.  Texas has smaller trees because, as my husband, Claude, told me, “Cows in Texas are so big that they ate the tops out of them.”  You can see the sky at most anytime.  It’s nice to be able to see and remember.  That’s a psychic sense just like your mouth watering when you think of a fresh-baked apple pie with all that cinnamon.

Right now, we’re having a hard time getting our baby dog, Madeline, to go outside for bathroom breaks.  The heat really makes her feel worse from residue of the disease she used to have.  Her thought that the only redeeming item in this Texas heat is the hot wind blowing her skirt up might be something shared by others.  Me, I just love the heat and the wind.

Da Juana