Thank God for Billy Joel

In these times of hearing so many bad things happening in the world like kids hurting kids, violent weather, social unrest, Fort Hood and so much more you feel burdened down from the constant barrage of bad. Thank God for Billy Joel because we get to hear some good like him visiting a kindergarten for a Billy Joel concert. Not only that but we got to hear the kids sing.

That might not mean much to some but personally I want to hear some good things on the news more than occasionally. One of my friends who is an anchor on a local news station here in the DFW area does just that with “Tell me or Show me something good.” And believe me I want to see it.

Another good news story was one done on the former President Bush by his daughter Jenna Bush who talked with and about her father’s paintings. She even added a few “Daddy’s” in her interview which I found totally wonderful. Now I don’t know about you but I want to see those paintings and especially the one from Ethiopia he did and we got just a glimpse of at the last of the interview. I got to see a president of our country in another light and it felt good.

Hopefully there’ll be more of those type stories now. Am I getting old because I remember stories that used to make you feel good even on prime time TV?

Da Juana