Thank you God for my Psychic and Medium Gifts.

Responsibility is this psychic and mediums lot in life. Oh sure telling others about their past and future is great but realizing what an extraordinary gift I have is even better because you also comprehend your role in others’ lives.

Karma and Einstein both had it right, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you remember this when you look at life you can’t go wrong. The Golden Rule is another good one to think of too. You know, “Do unto others…..”

I have plenty of reason to be happy being the psychic and medium I am although that responsibility was tested big time while my mother was hospitalized.

And this blog is just a thank you to the powers that be for all the help and most especially to the little doctor ghost who’s helped me and those I love every time I’ve called upon him.

Thank God for my abilities.

Da Juana Byrd