Thanks and another prediction result.

Well, since I gave you a prediction and it’s results yesterday, I think I will give you another today, not to ring my bell but to keep you updated too. Besides, I really feel good that people feel I am good at what I do and I guess that is ringing my bell.

Someone wrote:  “You included in your prediction that Fidel Castro will be ill and ask for assistance.  I heard on the news tonight that he has stepped down and handed rule over to his brother…I’ve only just heard of you, and am only just now starting to follow your site.  But this….this makes me feel even more confident that I chose you when I was searching for someone to answer my questions. God Bless you and yours.”

And I want to reply:  Thank you so much for having confidence in me and for writing like this. Doing what I do makes me feel good. I love being psychic even though it carries some deep responsibilities and sometimes even some discredit from uninformed souls. But all in all, being psychic is the best of worlds for me and I get more out of it than I could ever possibly give.

Da Juana