Today I just want to say thanks to all of you who advised me on my friendship issue.  You made good sense and I listened but that doesn’t keep me from having that useless emotion called “guilt.”  Before you get on to me again, I know that it’s not good for you.  If I were giving you a reading, I’d tell you not to give in to it either.More...

Instead try to live life as if you only have today.  Do everything you can to enjoy and leave the world a better place.  That’s my motto.  Guess that’s why I feel sorry for those I love sometimes, especially Claude.  He’s had to share me a lot and it’s really a life’s lesson for him.  His little Cancer self doesn’t like to share his wife but he’s learned to do so. 

My numerology, you know the one I told you we just got on the site, spoke to that very item.  Haven’t seen Claude’s yet.  Several of my friends have gone to the oracles though and love them, but I digress. 

Sandra, a friend of Connie, and ours, likes to say that being around Connie and I is like listening and watching mental ping pong.  That’s because we go off on tangents, kind of like I just did for you, and then come right back around to the subject on which we were speaking.  Really, we’re being led back by the other side.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, thanks again for your advice.

Da Juana