I don’t know whether it’s because this is the month for the holiday, Thanksgiving, but I’ve been more thankful lately. There is no particular reason for my jubilation. It just is. Each day is a gift, I believe, to be enjoyed to the fullest though we sometimes forget.

Generally my life is lived with gratefulness but there are those times when I can get a little down just like others. Thankfully that doesn’t remain too long. Meeting new people, working on what I love and realizing that I have much to be grateful for keeps me positive and promotes better in my life.

That’s why I tell my clients and friends that we should always remain positive and try to see the best in life. If we continue this, then our life becomes the best. I know I sound like a “Pollyanna,” but it’s true.

If you’re down think of something encouraging before you leave your bed in the morning and go to sleep at night. See if you don’t start noticing a better life. Things come to you that you need or that you think you need. Remember that I’ve mentioned before if you think and believe from the heart, then it is so.

Try this month of November and see if you don’t notice a change for the best in your life. Then you really will have something to say thanks for on Thanksgiving. And please let me know your story.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Da Juana

P. S. Read your to see what’s coming for you.