The anniversary of my dear, sweet daddy’s rebirth…

The anniversary of my dear, sweet daddy’s rebirth was and is eternally February 22.

Although he’d told me the month prior when I awoke and proclaimed “happy birthday” to him that he’d rather we celebrate his rebirth instead, I wasn’t in the mood for celebration yet.

As a medium I know that it’s possible to speak with the dead because I do it daily and even from moment-to-moment but when it’s a loved one who’s gone from being physical to reclaiming their astral identity completely, it leaves the person left behind to miss them terribly. And I do.

My father and I had a standing date on Saturday mornings, the only time I seemed to have in order to be able to talk with him. I’d call him and we’d rehash the week for about an hour, sometimes longer.

Between his birth and rebirth I mourned him a little and told him so while I ate my breakfast. Without being aware he was even there, from behind me, he reminded me that we were indeed completing our Saturday date; something I hadn’t even considered until he prompted me that we were speaking on a Saturday morning.

Don’t get me wrong! I love being able to speak with him occasionally when he’s got the time, just as I do my brother and my dog, Mysti. All three died within a two-year period. Speaking with them over there isn’t the same as being able to pick up the phone and feel, even without its being true, that you’re truly capable of touching them. You remember the old ad, “Reach out and touch them,” well; I do, just in a different manner.

Humans are not quite as literal as those who’ve left their earthly bonds. When someone is speaking form the other side you don’t always receive the niceties that might exist between you and your physical family before they died. Those over there feel no need to try to extend their stay with you and think that dropping in and exchanging a few well-chosen words is good enough.

Hearing my father sip his coffee with me while we chatted is a great memory that seems to be waning with each passing day. Even though he’s helped me with some pressing problems since he left and he’s truly better from a health position where he is now, I miss him.

So, daddy, please allow me to say, while I’m yet unable to celebrate sufficiently your rebirth, I’m glad you’re happy and I love and miss you.

Da Juana

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