The black moth….

Right before Thanksgiving, I saw what I later found to be called the “Black Moth,” by native Hawaiians.At the time I just noticed what I thought to be a huge bird, around three feet from wing tip to wing tip. It was in the dark so it looked dark on dark. Well, you know I’ve mentioned before the Great Horned Owl that loves my home but I knew it wasn’t him. This felt different. Then it flew under a street light and presented itself as a shadow which changed shape.

Generally nothing bothers me from the spirit world but this did because I knew it was there to try to tell me something. What’s funny is that I knew the shape but didn’t understand something like that could be that large.  Within two days, we had a death in our household. 

On Thanksgiving, I was in the shower and had forgotten the large, dark animal. As usual, my mind was on other things when I heard a woman, from the other side, that’s been hanging around lately. She mentioned that I’d seen death in a different manner. Dumbfounded, I stopped showering and asked, “What are you talking about?”  She answered, “What you thought was a bird, wasn’t. It was death.”  I know death comes in many forms because I’ve seen it over the years but this one was different. When I saw it that night, I mentioned to Claude and a male friend who was here. My friend told started telling someone else about it and she immediately told him that in her culture it meant death. He hadn’t told her yet about the death in our home. 

What I’m trying to impart here is that we’re always learning, even someone like me, who’s seen death so many times that I should recognize it immediately. Things that might not make much sense at the time will be interpreted when you need to know. 

Da Juana