The Crocodile Hunter……a tribute.

There are times in life when someone you don’t even know makes a difference in your life. That is what the Crocodile Hunter did for me. I knew that he was helping others understand the importance of animals to us whether we wanted to believe or not. His zest for life and his fascinating manner in expressing his knowledge helped so many. And it wasn’t just the animal world he served.


Though he didn’t profess to be psychic, he certainly had a way with animals, especially those whom most thought unlovable. So, I wanted to say goodbye to him as well and to wish him more success on the other side where he will be with more animals than ever. He might even get to see a dinosaur or two.


He certainly made my day a few times. Though he was intelligent about animals, he didn’t know everything and he was quick to let you know that too. I recall a day when he was holding a snake up close to his face and said to the audience, “If this were a poisonous snake, I would not be holding it near my face like this but it isn’t poisonous. It is a look alike, or some words to that effect.” Then the snake bit him on the lip and it immediately started swelling. Without a hiccup, Steve said something like, “The little sucker bit me. And it was poisonous.”


Like us, animals have personalities. Some are mild mannered while others take exception to human interaction. You happened to find one who was frightened and took exception that day, Steve, and you handled it with the same great finesse you handled all your excursions in the wild. You will be missed. Especially by me.


Da Juana