The Dallas Cowboys….

One of my predictions involves the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.  “Tony Romo will receive a surprise in February,” is what I heard and I didn’t get the impression that it was a wonderful surprise either.  Really, it could be taken either way.  Hopefully the man has something better than the loss of their last game coming.More...

Since Claude has a hard time seeing the television, I’ve taken to watching football.  I know.  Can you believe it?  Anyway, I’ve found that I really like it.  After dating football players, never getting into it and leaving it behind all those years, finally I’ve come to like it.  But something about football really concerns me and that is, most players feel like losers if they don’t win the super bowl.   

Out of all the games played and all the teams who win a trip to the playoffs, these teams ought to feel that they’ve really accomplished something but they don’t seem to see that part.  The loser of the super bowl goes home feeling like a loser and they’re really not. 

When doing my predictions this year, I saw two blue teams in the super bowl but didn’t put it on my prediction page because of what I heard about Tony Romo.  You guessed it.  I’m a Dallas Cowboy fan even though they’re really Irving Cowboys soon to be Arlington Cowboys.  And I like Jake Delhomme’s Panthers too along with the New Orleans Saints. 

Also it surprises me the superstitious bull that goes on around these games like not washing socks and wearing them over and over.  What are they trying to do, stink the other team out?  The advice I’d give any team member is creative visualization.  See what you want.  See how it can be accomplished.  Then put the act into being. 

By the way, I think the Giants will give the Patriots all they want and then some but……

Da Juana