The dog days of summer seem to be affecting me as much as they are my dog.

The dog days of summer seem to be affecting me as much as they are my dog. Gabrielle has been less than enthusiastic about doing much of anything. Of course a mother’s first action when their child is not acting normally is to feel for fever.

Just a side note here with my love of trivia, did you know that mothers can tell within a degree or two through their lips on their babies foreheads what their child’s temperature is?

I find that so fascinating because I always knew when my daughter was going to be sick just by kissing her when she awakened in the morning. When my daughter’s temperature dropped below normal when she got out of bed it would rage in the evening. And don’t say it was because I’m psychic although that may have had something to do with it but I’ve seen other mothers do the same thing.  It’s just like knowing what your children are doing behind your back when you shouldn’t be aware.

But back to my puppy. Since we’ve had West Nile Virus close to our home my first thought was whether she’d been bitten by one of those little lady mosquitos because we both like sitting on the back patio. Besides that she seems to be on hunger strike. Her eating habits aren’t the easiest in the world to monitor because she has cookies daily and forgets to eat keeping her at her svelte five pound figure.

Until yesterday I was still in the mode of wondering whether to take my sweet little white dog to the doctor but last night she decided to play with mother a bit and that took away some of my trepidation.

This weekend is supposed to be cooler. Maybe she’ll feel a little more like herself than perhaps these hundred plus degree days allow.

Da Juana

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