The economy…

The economy is something on most peoples’ minds right now.  Politicians are aware of it but I’m wondering if they’re just giving us lip service.  You know what lip service is, don’t you? More... 

Mindset, like a rolling snowball, causes energy to create whatever the majority of people are thinking.  Because it does this, the snowball effect continues to grow until that majority gets tired of it and changes their minds.  It’s really as simple as that but it’s hard to believe when you’re rolling down the hill, up to your nose with snow, in an ever-increasing snowball.

Over the years I’ve seen times change after watching people I was giving readings to come in with like-minded alarm.  If they were thinking in that manner, then you know others were and that stared whatever emotional ball rolling.  Sometimes, we need something like we have in the economy now in order to appreciate the good times.  Lord, I think I could appreciate some good times now. 

As I mentioned to someone a few minutes ago, I’m always a glass half-full kind of woman, but sometimes, lately I’m watching the glass.  It’s hard as an empath to keep from feeling the energy of others without taking it on.  You probably know what I’m talking about because you’ve probably wondered about yourself when, as an example, you feel great, walk into an office, bank or other place full of people you know, and hit rock bottom emotionally immediately.  All of a sudden you feel like crying and you don’t even know why.  Welcome to my world.  Bet a psychiatrist would have a field day with this one.

Emotional mindset is viral.  So, let’s think of something good to go viral instead of what we’ve had lately.  Let’s see vacation on a tropical island… in a good bank… that’s a thought.  Oh, did I say, thought and emotion manifests?  Well, they do…..tropical island, me laughing….oh, yeah!

Da Juana