The fear of ghosts!!!!

Got this and thought I might share with you too.

“Hello-so happy to find a website that will believe my daughter’s sightings. My daughter A Del just recently moved into a very old building about 8 months ago. Things have been going on from the first week. A is right near a boiler room, which regulates the heat and hot water. Her floor had to be replaced two times-due to water leaking underneath her floor. A could not live in there for over a month. My daughter is also renting a room to a friend-whom has a little three-year old boy-whom just saw a ghost in the over the week-end during the early morning. He did say to his father-he just saw a ghost walking past him. A couple of months ago A put a large painting up on the wall -but it fell down and would not stay there. Also-a few months ago my daughter’s friend-whom does horoscope readings and charts felt the ghost and did not like being there-would not return for any other visits. Please–A needs to know how to live with this ghost-or it could be more than one! The building A is in was an old factory and they have been developed into condos. Could you get back to us soon-A does not know how to approach the ghost-neither does her friend and son-is the ghost friendly or not ?????? Thank you for your time and knowledge.”

First, let me assure you that ghosts will only associate with like individuals. So unless your little three-year-old boy is an ax murderer at heart, you don’t have to worry about the ghosts. Sounds to me like the only thing your ghostly friends want is to be recognized. So if A will just acknowledge them and ask that they quit with the hyjinks, they probably will.

People generally fear what they are unused to. If you really want to learn about your daughter’s friends and mine, you can read my book, “Ghosts Talk.” I tried to write something that will help everyone learn about the other side.

Tell your daughter she is fine and probably a very good medium. They seem to like her. And we know the three-year-old is for now. I even address that in my book.

Da Juana