The fish came to represent Chrisitanity.

It’s amazing how the sign of the fish came to represent Christianity.  The sign of the fish didn’t come from Peter the fisherman as some may think.  You do know that the fish is the astrological sign for Pisces.More... 

It’s also funny that the Age of Pisces, with its fish sign, brought with it the birth of Jesus.  After his death when the persecution factor became more prominent for Christians, they began to use the sign of the fish to show locations and times for meetings. 

The age of Pisces ushered in a more spiritually minded population who were martyrs at heart.  Although they wanted to live long, fruitful lives, they were willing to give up their life in order to gain spiritually.  That must have been very hard for families back then.

What’s even more funny, and something I learned from a good friend who was a palmist, not a psychic, is that some people bring their past lives with them with the sign of the fish on their palms.  These people are old souls who have learned that spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean you have to become a martyr.  Instead it means you’ve learned through trial and error to become more spiritual, more like the Christ. 

Some people, like me, may even have more than one fish on their palm and it doesn’t mean you have Pisces in your astrological chart either.  If you want to find the fish in your palm, I’ll tell you where you can generally find it and what it looks like.  Most of the time it’s under your little finger.  It will look like a diamond with a “V” where the tail is, like this, sort of  <>< . 

Just a little trivia that I hope makes you start to question more, then look for your own answers.

Da Juana