The ghost in the picture…..

The ghost in the picture is what we’re looking for right now and I’d like to discuss the two responses so far to that picture.

As mentioned before this was taken on a cell phone by a ten-year-old boy. Another clue is it’s in a motel mansion in Louisiana where his class went on a field trip.

I’ll address both replies right here and if you’d like to join us, you tell me what you see.

“I’m not sure at all, but, it looks like on the right hand side about half way down and just above the reflection from the light. I think it’s a young male with no facial hair.”

Tell me exactly where you see this male, please, because I’ve seen him and there was no one on that staircase. They were all down below on the ground floor. But you and I know that ghosts can walk anywhere, don’t we Gail? By the way, on the personal side, hope you’re great. And you’ve found the harder one to find too!

Tara asks and tells:

“Does this mean you can visit places you were never able to go when you were alive? And I think the ghost is a young girl or boy (hard to tell by the hair) on the staircase.”

You’re right on! about a good part of it. Look back at the picture with a glance as I mentioned before and you’ll see what sex and can tell by the clothing as well, Ms. Medium. The child taking the picture saw the ghost after the fact and immediately gave it to my grandson who passed it along to me. Please tell me exactly where you see this apparition.

To answer your question, Tara, and a good one it is, yes, after death, ghosts travel anywhere with a thought and they can hear you long distances away even when you’re only thinking about them. As my father did one day and I translated to another who knows what I do after she’d asked me about any interactions with my father since his death. He said something and just as if I were typing a letter I didn’t read the letter but just typed. I said exactly his words and she was aghast. Then it occurred what my father had said. A little embarrassing to say the least.

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Da Juana

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