The house seems to be filled with ghosts when I’m upset

The house seems to be filled with ghosts when I’m upset, even more than at other times, which caused me to start thinking.

And you know my motto, “I think therefore I am.” Rene Descartes said it in a great manner didn’t he? And while we’re speaking of him, did you know he must have known that we truly are greater than this body we use as a vehicle. And just think of spirit. Spirit of any kind thinks. So think of what has spirit.

But I digress. As a medium I realized that my ghostly visitors think of me when I’m going through upsets. They might even worry.

My house becomes Grand Central Station with spirit friends of all kinds checking on me even though I might not know all of them, really very few. Their presence does bring a sense of serenity to me although I may be so high strung at the time that I’m like a taut guitar string.

While trying to work through my issues, these otherworldly people do things that get my attention and assist in my solving matters. In thinking back some become a diversion so that others can talk with me much like this example. While your brain is busy with something you can do easily, another deeper part of your anatomy works to give you better information on something you’re really worried over. At any rate they help me with resolution and keep me entertained while I’m working through my emotions.

It’s nice having those type people around. I’m a very lucky person. After all most don’t have this plethora of people who can advise them as I do.

Da Juana

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