The last few days had given me just enough Spring before Valentine’s Day….

The last few days had given me just enough Spring before Valentine’s Day to get over the gloom of Winter and then along comes yesterday.

I don’t know about you but I love warmer weather. Oh, don’t get me wrong I can go snow skiing occasionally (haven’t in a while) but I want to get back to that nice sunny day where the wind kisses your cheeks and musses your hair just enough to make the sweat cool on your body. Dang! Do I sound like a romance novel or what? But it’s true. This psychic and medium loves Spring through Fall, really loves it.

Even the trees are beginning to show buds along with my roses, so I got my hopes up. Isn’t there a passage somewhere that says only the dogwood knows when spring is beginning? Or is it another tree? If so please let me know.

Because I had work to do I was unable to enjoy the peaceful quiet reverence associated with the first days of Spring even in February. I do wish though that I’d taken a moment or two longer to listen to the birds because they really weren’t singing yesterday like they were the day before. My bluebirds are still nesting but the male didn’t serenade me from the fence during the cold as he has lately. Possibly it could have been because the meddling squirrel was peeking into the bluebird family birdhouse where their nest was being prepared.

Hopefully, he’ll think he’s got a reason to sing tomorrow on a beautiful Valentine’s Day. That would be the best present of all.

Da Juana

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