The light!

The other day, two women asked me to tell their dead loved one hello. When I told them that they could do so just by saying it. They immediately said, “Does that mean that he is earth bound? Has he not gone to the light yet?”

All of a sudden my temperature hit boiling but I didn’t let it show. Well, not very much. Without trying to scare them to death, I replied that he was most certainly not earth bound and he was born into the light. Death is birth and at death each of us go right back into the light of God. God is everything. There is nothing He/She is not. Even while on earth, we are part of God’s light though we may think we aren’t. God never leaves us. We just try to leave Him/Her unsuccessfully. God is part of us and can never leave us.

Many times, I have seen God, the Whole, and Jesus has been to my home multiple times. (Sorry daughter) God is the spirit that flows through us all. We are all a part of God but individual too.

Those two women had seen a popular ghost show that explains that people have to go to the light. It makes for good TV but is not necessarily true. The only time that I believe it can be true is if the dying individual thinks that they have to look for a light or do something else before they can go there. It is all up to the ghost. We are all entities who can make choices. Knowing that you will be alive after death is just one of them.

Da Juana