The limits….When push comes to shove….

There are times when even the best of us hit our limit.  Take my friend, Connie, for instance.  You know I’ve told you that she is one of the sweetest people you ever want to meet.  She is a born Libra, like me, and tries to be fair to everyone.  As a matter of fact our Libra traits makes us too fair sometimes.  But, and here’s where the story gets good, Connie has another trait in her too and it showed it’s full mane the other night and everyone close heard her roar.More...

You see Connie is a double Libra with a Leo ascendant.  Oh, imagine that.  We were out with a bunch of women some of whom we had just met.  One of the women finds out we’re psychic, like that makes us different or something.  Her first words were, “Let me see.  What do I want to find out?”  Never mind that we were out to enjoy ourselves not to do readings.  Then she thought for a moment, crossed her arms, leaned back and said in a very forceful tone, “No, I don’t believe you’re psychic.  Prove it to me.”

My psychic ability knew that this was only a ploy to get us to read her for free and generally I might have been really nice and had the Libra understanding that she just wanted to learn.  But the manner in which she pushed left a little to be desired.  I took a step forward so that she could hear me real well when I spoke to her but was cut off by my sweet little Connie. 

Connie looked at me and in that precious voice of hers raised so that everyone could hear, she strongly relayed to me the following, “Da Juana, she just pissed me off.  Did she piss you off too?” 

Whereupon, I leaned back, thought about it for a minute and saw my friend in a new light.  See, she never cusses.  Then I replied ever so sweetly, “As a matter of fact, she did.”

That’s when my precious little Connie stepped forward and again spoke in a hell-fire-damnation voice with these words and she wasn’t giving a reading, “We both have worked with various law enforcement agencies.  Is that enough proof for you lady?”

I stood there in wonder.  You see I have an Aries moon and that would make me a little more apt to ask that question but not this time.  I know that when Connie raises an eyebrow, you generally want to leave her alone but this lady didn’t know that.

In an effort to win friends and influence enemies, we were splendid that night.  The next day Connie felt very bad about it and told me that she was sorry.  The other part of that coin was that some very trying times have been going on in my friend’s life too right now.  But the lady didn’t know that.  Bet when she meets another psychic, she’ll find another way to get a free reading. 

See, everyone has their limits.  Knowing them is good.

Da Juana