The nature of trees.

Someone asked what nature thought of us humans. When I ask the trees, and that sounds very flighty doesn’t it, they say that they have to take into account that we humans are still learning. They also tell me that most humans don’t have malicious intentions but they do what they do out of ignorance. The trees say that they have been here in one form or another since time began and that they will be here long after we humans but that they hope we learn that everything lives, not only with but off one another.


There have been times that I have actually heard a tree groan and not with the wind rustling through its branches but with honest anguish from what we humans can contrive. And there have been other times that I have heard trees speak to each other in hushed, soothing tones when they realize the other tree needs their help. Even trees can have their times where they are less than happy about someone bothering them. That includes birds but all in all, they are magnificent, tolerant personalities capable of love and everlasting understanding.


Something I have always caught myself doing, even before I prune a tree is to tell it that I am trying to help. Just realized that I have always done that a few years ago. Now I know it is because I have always heard them and that is one of the reasons that nature is so healing for me.


Da Juana