The other day someone emailed me and requested from where my psychic and medium gifts come.

The other day someone emailed me and requested from where my psychic and medium gifts come.

This question is one I get anytime a person finds out what I am. You notice I say what because most people think of me as no longer human when they find out. Either they love me or they start praying and back away exclaiming their Christianity.

As my friend, Connie, says they begin to think we sprouted horns which is totally untrue. We’re both more aware of God than some so-called Christian people. Let me be clear though. There are some wonderful religious people who believe in God and understand that God or whatever this higher power is called by them is the author of all psychic and medium gifts. It’s according to the psychic or medium user their usage of those talents but make no mistake their talents come from God.

As with life itself, you live your life according to your spiritual relationship. That’s why I mention from time to time that I’m spiritual not religious.

The emailer went on to ask my divination tools, whether dreams etc. I’m one of those lucky psychic and medium people. The tool I use is me as in talking with the dead, using all my senses including dreams and that sixth sense as well.

And again I’m going to comment that all people are given this gift but not all choose to use it. There’s never been a time in my life that I didn’t realize what I am but I didn’t know what to call me. Labels are not my thing but for the sake of clarity, I’m a psychic and a medium, probably medium first and foremost.

What’s more, younger children, especially babies, know me because they’re so close to the other side that they recognize my gifts. More than once a mother has exclaimed how their child won’t take their eyes off mine. What they don’t know is we’re talking telepathically. I mean, can you imagine being locked up in the jail cell of a body that has to rely on older ones to care for you when what seems like minutes before you were perhaps adult on the other side and could care for yourself. It makes you wonder why we’d ever think of coming back to earth but for spiritual responsibility we do.

Oh, one more thing. I’m so glad that I have this gift.

Da Juana

P. S. I hope I’ve answered this question yet again but if it’s not explicit enough you can read my book