The other night Gabrielle, my little white dog, stood nose-to-side with a ghost puppy….

The other night Gabrielle, my little white dog, stood nose-to-side with a ghost puppy who was killed at my back door and who returns occasionally to say “Hello.”

My friend, James, was over cooking hamburgers the other night. Both my girls love him and enjoy seeing him when he visits. While he’s here, he gets all kinds of attention from them.

After dinner we were sitting enjoying a television program he’d forgotten to record when I saw the little ghost dog march in from the back door and walk across under the television table. As soon as I saw her I mentioned to him that she’d just walked in and was along the wall pinpointing exactly where she traveled.
Gabrielle, who was sleeping along with her sister between James and I, promptly got up, jumped down and marched over to confront the stranger.

She put her nose on the puppy’s side and stood mesmerized by her. James couldn’t see the puppy but knew where she was and when he saw how intently Gabrielle stared, he called her name to get her to come back to him. Now usually when he does this she turns, runs to him and her whole backend shivers violently because he pets her. But this time she stood with her nose pressed against the intruder.

I mentioned to him what she was doing. As a reply, he called her name again. She still held her ground with the dead puppy which appeared now much like a shadow but still one James didn’t see. After he called to my little white dog once again, I called to her and told her that it was okay: I saw the puppy too. She turned, came back, and laid right back down in her original place between us.

It’s funny that’s the first time that puppy has really captured her attention so thoroughly because she’s been back in the house since her death and Gabrielle has seen her. Maybe it was for James’s verification or just for Gabrielle. No matter what the reason, I got to see a little dead puppy come visit one more time.

Da Juana

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