The other night, while popping popped corn, a white dog, who I now know was a ghost…

The other night, while popping popped corn, a white dog, who I now know was a ghost, came into my kitchen stirring around until I noticed her.

Thinking it was my own white dog but knowing the ghostly puppy was larger than her, I had to go about the normal logical thinking I’m so used to by checking to see where Gabrielle was. Upon reflection instantly I knew but had to do the mandatory looking to make sure that it wasn’t her. The ghost dog even moved a tad bit differently. I knew her and didn’t feel threatened at all that there was another soul in the house. Rather I just said “Hi,” and continued the pop the corn that both my dog and I were to eat.

One of the reasons that I might have thought it was Gabrielle was because she loves my coconut oil popped corn so much. It’s organic with sea salt and popped in wonderful smelling coconut oil. Makes you hungry for some, doesn’t it? And my sweet little dog will come out of the bedroom, go by the kitchen but not enter it (something she’s never done although it’s part of my den) and sit over watching. This ghost dog didn’t do that. She marched right in and put on a pretty turn of the tail to let me know she was there so that I couldn’t miss her, something ghosts are good at.

Gabrielle followed me to the sofa and started eating popped corn along with me when I heard and saw her chewy stick, which is pretty solid and big, leap off her pillow and roll about three feet across the floor. It might have been four but who’s counting? Now that might not seem like much to you but that chewy had been in the middle of her pillow which is about three by three foot square.

Both of us watched the chewy speed across the floor but it was Gabrielle that gave that pillow plenty of room that night. Obviously another dog was occupying her space.

Da Juana

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