The other side come calling

The other side come calling occasionally at a not-so-opportune moment. They’re pretty good about giving me consideration at times but, like an ex-husband, they don’t always think about whether I’m busy or not.

Truly I don’t mind but it can make me look out-of-it, such as this morning while weight lifting. When I engage in communication with the other side it’s as if I’m in two differing worlds/dimensions at the same instant.

Whatever event has movement gets most of my attention. And that’s how it happened this morning with a man showing up, walking towards me where he and I were outside on what looked like a ranch vignette complete with dilapidated coral or an old-home-place as my daddy used to say.

His five-eleven, heftier frame wasn’t wearing a cowboy hat but he had jeans and a patterned shirt on which made him look as if he’d put in some work though they were clean. This man wanted my attention and got it although I still don’t know who he is but he’ll probably come again and enlighten me.

My trainer, who’d been working me with weights pretty hard, enquired if I were okay. I answered, “Yes.”

Not satisfied that I was he then asked if I were daydreaming, and yes, he knows what I am. Isn’t it funny that I refer to myself as a psychic and medium almost as if someone would give their race with my use of “what I am?”

Then without telling him I was on the other side exactly I fessed up and let him know I was talking to a man but I didn’t elaborate. Generally I would talk about the ghost if I thought the ghost person was there for whomever I was with but I don’t think he was. I think that’s to come.

But one thing for sure, the ghost left me interested. He didn’t walk all the way over to me but he did just enough to truly get my attention.

Oh, and one more thing, if you notice your child who’s less than the age of six daydreaming where he or she has trouble answering you and look as if they’re involved in something you can’t fathom, then you might have a child who is my race or what I am. Be gentle in asking in what they were participating.

Da Juana

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