The power of love is overwhelming……

The power of love is overwhelming especially when you see it between two differing species. Most never get to make note of this but some of us do and I’m one of the lucky ones.

The man I’m dating has a home in the country where I visit because he now has a kitten which was feral. In case you don’t know what that is cause you ain’t country like me, it’s a cat that’s never been touched by human hands. If you do, by some chance, get to touch them you usually wear the reminder of that interaction for a while.

At any rate this man had a momma cat that came up and wouldn’t allow touch or captivity so he couldn’t have her spayed. When he and I first started dating she had a tom kitty from her previous batch of kittens that had made it. He’s a beautiful white tom with a couple of big black spots. Did I mention I’m a dog person, not a cat person, but there was something about this cat that made the mother come out in me?

Well, she had another batch around my man friend’s birthday, really on the day. The kittens were about three-weeks-old when their mother was killed, probably by some good driver who thought he’d rid the world of one more cat. As much as you don’t want to believe that there are some of those out there too.

We didn’t know where the babies were but we knew she’d had them. One afternoon while I was visiting him, two yellow kittens came strolling up the drive towards us. I knew instantly, being the psychic I am, that the little girl was going to be staying with my man friend although I had every intention of catching both.

It didn’t work out that way at the time though. The little tom got caught in a tree stump and I rescued him, something he didn’t think at the time was really liberation.  Before I reached down into the open stump to retrieve him from his prison I mentioned that I wanted to help. He protested and I grabbed him up anyway, turned him on his back in my hand and put my other hand over his claws which made him lie upside in my two hands. Then I marched into my guy’s business and said, “Here’s one,” fully thinking that I’d be able to go after and get the other. But it didn’t happen that way.

I had my dog’s kennel there and put the little boy into it then scampered back outside to see if I could catch the other kitten. She was so scared that she wouldn’t get close and ran into the woods.

To make a long story short, I did research on feral cats on the internet of course and found that if you don’t get to them within three weeks generally they never become tame. It took time but I found the other two. The first little lavender-eyed boy was given away but the second was a momma’s boy and sick on top of it. He lived long enough to help me catch his sister which is now living happily with her daddy; you guessed it, my man. Good birthday present for both.

Her older brother, the white big tom, Tommy, would watch her and my puppy playing through the glass of the kitchen door and though he wouldn’t allow us to touch him, he’d come for food and his own special brand of reality television, us.

Of course Gabrielle, my dog, has to visit the yard occasionally and Tommy would run once we opened the door to let her out. But gradually I noticed that he would not go as far when we came out the door. One morning when she was in a romping-good mood I opened the door to let five-pound Gabrielle out but where I’d made sure not to let her get close to the big Tom before I decided to see if he’d be nice. I asked her if she wanted to give Tom a kiss.

My dogs have always known how to kiss and now so does my male friend’s cat. He’s amazed by the fact that I can ask for a kiss from both the dog and the cat and both will come immediately to share.

At any rate Gabrielle ran over to Tom. Instantly he looked like a Halloween kitty all-arched-back on tippy-toes. She kissed him on the very end of his nose and he melted. You could see it. I thought he, being the southern cat he is, was going to swoon.

As quickly as she’d kissed him she turned, ran over the grass and begun doing her business. He followed, then noticed she was busy and stopped to watch. This happened many times over.

Then one day while I was over Tom made the mistake of getting too close to me while I fed him. The next morning he did it again but this time he almost lay on my foot. Each time I continued on my way speaking softly to this big cat. Then he actually touched my leg with his sheathed paw and rubbed against me.

The next day I was gone but Richard said that when he’d gone to feed our Tom that he’d allowed him to touch his head. That evening my guy was able to pet him. The next day our cat wanted petting instead of food. Then when I came back to see them and was feeding my big friendly cat, he wanted me to love him all over. Because he’s a tom, he makes trips and stays gone for long periods of time and we’ve not been able to really capture him but maybe one day and it’s all because of the power of love between a little white dog and a big white tom cat.

You’d think mankind could take the hint.

Da Juana

P. S. Get your animals and see if they’re ready for a kiss. Just follow as you would your own the day they were born. Sun signs pertain to all living things.