The psychic and me.

You know, I have heard some psychics say that they turn their ability on and off at will. That is not the case for me. Psychic ability is like breathing for me. Without it, I am not myself. So turning it off is not an option, even if I wanted to. But that doesn’t mean that I will tell everyone. Anyone who asks that I am reading, I generally tell them that they gave me subconscious permission and that is the truth. When I read others there is a subconscious communication giving consent.   

Once in a casino, I was standing behind Claude while he played blackjack. Before the next card was turned up, I told Claude that it was a six and the dealer along with others at the table heard me. Of course the card was a six as I had said. The dealer was amazed and asked how I did that. Claude told her that I am a very good psychic. (That’s something in itself to have my husband say that because he really had a problem with it when I first came out.) She asked why I wasn’t playing. I told her that if it is for me, I have a little thing against it and it doesn’t work the same. Although there are times I will show off a little just to let others know that psychic ability is something tangible. Then she asked if I could read her. I answered that I had read everyone in the casino when I walked in and that is how I do it but…..and this is the big but…….I don’t usually tell others that’s what I am doing. Reading those around me is a security device of sorts. It just is what I do. Kind of like keeping your back to the wall so that you can see who is entering the room.

So, I might not tell you that I am reading all situations and using my psychic ability but you can be sure that I am. The psychic and me are one and the same. Why would I want to turn it off?

Da Juana