The reason for my telling you about my forays with ghosts

The reason for my telling you about my forays with ghosts is because I want you to understand that ghosts are not really some spectacular sighting but a normal part of life.

What, you say? Ghosts are not normal. Truly they are. As I’ve mentioned before ghosts are everywhere including inside your human body. You are only a ghost in physical clothing.

And, yes, I know that it can be heart-pounding and mind-blowing to see someone you know has been long dead but actually they’re still alive and have moved from one life to another much like a tadpole does when it becomes a frog.

The reasons for ghostly contact could be anything from wanting to say “Hello,” to needing to get a message to you. For many that message is making sure you realize there is life after death. For others it may have to do with a warning and for some it’s just because they want to give you some advice.

Ghost sightings should make you very happy after you calm down a bit. It’s a gift. Really! And it doesn’t mean they’re coming to get you as some believe although when you get ready to go to the other side a person you admire will come to help you cross over. Too many have the idea that if they see a ghost it means they’re going to die. I’ve been seeing them since I was born and I won’t tell you how old I am.

At any rate once you make up your mind it’s okay to see ghosts, they’ll come.

Da Juana

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