The Super Bowl through Numerology and maybe a little Psychic!

The Super Bowl is on everyone’s mind right now. So, I thought that it might be good to look at the Super Bowl through Numerology.

First I started with the names of the teams, Broncos and Panthers, by changing them to Numerology. The Broncos name when changed to Numerology becomes a five. Then when you add the date of the Super Bowl which is, as you know, February 7, 2016 you get a four. So the date and the name when changed to numbers becomes a nine.

For the Panthers when changed to letters, the Numerology becomes a two. Then when you add the date of the Super Bowl, it becomes a four. The two of those numbers added together become a six.

So does this give us Numerological insight into which team will win? Well let’s see. The nine Broncos number is selfless and humanitarian but can be on the negative side just a tad impulsive and self-centered. The six Panthers number is idealistic, honest and dependable but on the negative side can be complacent and selfish.

Obviously the people, especially in Texas, home of the Cowboys, would probably like the Broncos to win, thus the nine number of humanity. Me on the other hand, love the Panthers colors and their choice of names if I can’t have the Cowboys or the Saints. Really according to Numerology both numbers are good but perhaps more people are pulling for the Broncos because of that nine number which I generally love. It’s one of mine.

From my psychic point of view, I think the Panthers feel good about themselves and could become a little complacent. The Broncos feel a definite need to win, so much so that they will give my (did I say that) Panthers a big run for their money. My message to the Panthers is if you let down your guard even a little the Broncos go home with new rings.

Happy Super Bowl Week!

Da Juana